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Established in 2011 as 1 of now 8 CEE teams. We compete in the annual international Seismic Design Competition hosted by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). Every year, building design criteria are changed and pushes our team to design innovative solutions that creatively addresses the competition requirements. With the help of software (AUTOCAD, SAP2000, and SketchUp) and Faculty advisor, we work as a team and travel to different locations every year to showcase our building.

Recent accomplishments:

  • 4th place – Salt Lake City, UT 2022
  • 2nd placeVirtual Competition 2021
  • 5th placeSan Diego, CA 2020
  • 4th placeVancouver BC, Canada 2019
  • 1st placeLos Angeles, CA 2018

A message from the Project Managers

Welcome to the Cal Seismic Design Team!

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope it will help you learn more about the wonders of our team. We are Clara Rong and Sunny Ou, the project managers for 2022-2023!

No matter what your major, class standing, race, religion, or sexual orientation is, we invite you to join our team! Since our conception, Cal Seismic continues to offer students both a competition team and a family here at UC Berkeley.

We value voices, respect, innovation, and collaboration. Every year, we encounter numerous obstacles but our creativity and team connection allow us to surpass these. We welcome everyone’s ideas which enable us to go above and beyond the norm to implement innovative designs. We also work closely together and devote numerous hours perfecting our building. With everyone’s dedication and love for our craft, we have placed in the Top 5 since 2013!

Importantly, our team continues to improve and bond every year. It’s fascinating to see everyone grow, personally and professionally. We have seen everyone in the team step up as leaders and believe that they will continue the team’s successes. Whether it be spending all-nighters in the basement or getting to know about each other outside class, Cal Seismic has definitely been and continues to be a family for everyone in the team! We are here to send each other memes, offer help in classes or life in general, and have fun while pursuing our passions!

On behalf of the Cal Seismic team, we encourage you to explore our website and social medias to get a glimpse of what we are all about. We look forward to meeting and working with you! Welcome to the Seismic family! :}


Clara Rong and Sunny Ou

2022-2023 Cal Seismic co-PMs

Hone in on sub disciplines


Welcome to design!! We’re so glad you’re interested in our module. If you join us we hope that you’ll learn a great deal about structural design and our wonderful team. We look forward to meeting you in the fall!!


Utilizing SAP 2000, a revolutionary seismic rendering program, and Sketch-up models provided by the design module, the analysis module creates virtual models of our model building in order to calculate seismic predictions.


The construction module builds multiple model buildings with balsa wood while ensuring the quality of each building and adapting to the ever-changing design. Our mission is to perfect the final model together in order to present it at competition.

We are…


A 5-ft tower can’t build itself. It requires communication from all modules and countless hours working together in the basement!


Everyone’s at least a little bit different, right? Well, we’re no exception, but that’s what makes it fun.


We work to, yes, complete a project, but ultimately to support one another.

About Us

CEE competition team focused on structural engineering and earthquake engineering.

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Tues/Thurs 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Davis Hall 544 (Design)

Davis Hall Computer Lab (Analysis)

O’Brien Basement (Construction)

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